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Dear Friends: West Side Helping Hand is my favorite charity. Donate $10 today through the Costal Bend Community Foundation Day of Giving. Help give a kid a chance on life.

The problems out here on the west side of our great city are overwhelming. But, West Side Helping Hand is making a difference.

The staff tutor the kids’ homework every day. 100% of the kids, last school year, showed substantial improvement in their academic grades.

Each day, the kids receive a character formation talk – how to make your bed, listen to mom and grandma, how to graduate from high – school, how to shake someone’s hand, go to college, get a great job, get married and have kids. Be successful in life.

Two years ago, the West Side Helping Hand after-school program had 25 kids. Today the program is at 135 kids with 40 kids on a waiting list.

WSHH is out of room.

The Ed Rachal Foundation has committed to building a separate center for WSHH behind the Dollar General on Morgan Ave. This new center will be up and running by March or April 2019. In this way, WSHH has a firm foundation to be a sustainable entity producing measurable results beyond me.

I don’t want WSHH to be a flash in the pan. It has to exist beyond me. This is why I have surrounded myself with a lot of great young people who are very loving and very passionate about their mission with the kids each day. The young staff run the program. I provide the spiritual direction to the kids and their families.

For me, I believe in the people of the west side of Corpus Christi, Texas.

This is not easy work, but it is working. $10 – now. Thank you. Click on the link below.


From the WSHH booklet –

“I am happy to be a part of West Side Helping Hand which is reaching out to young people in a disadvantaged neighborhood. This program is giving kids a chance on life. West Side Helping Hand is not a handout, but a hand up.” – Tom Pauken, Chairman of the Board of Directors

“West Side Helping Hand has given the community a tool to be used for children to improve academically as well as socially.” – Robert Rocha, Corpus Christi Fire Chief

“The resulting phenomenon created at WSHH is a child with high esteem and self-confidence. Each child is eager to learn by exercising the joy of good study habits, with an ability to see that people care enough to show them a pathway to becoming a successful and productive individual.” – Vic Medina

“Our two-generational approach is an effective tool to break the cycle of poverty.” – Dr. Ruby K. Payne, President/Founder aha! Process, Inc.

“West Side Helping Hand is an innovative program providing much needed services to a segment of the community that desperately needs such services. WSHH gives at-risk kids opportunities to succeed and strategies to improve their lives that perhaps would never be available to them elsewhere. This program works!” – Carlos Valdez

“West Side Helping Hand has helped our students grow socially, emotionally, and academically. Student attendance, behavior, and academics have greatly improved since West Side Helping Hand has started serving Zavala students. We are very blessed to have West Side Helping Hand as a community partner.” – Jennifer Hammond, former principal of Zavala Elementary School

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