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WSHH is an Educational and Recreational Youth Center that serves 1-6 grade students who are from low income families in the Corpus Christi area. The Center provides academic enhancement, character formation, career opportunities, extra-curricular activities, and organized sports.

COVID-19 Information
Pick-up/Drop-off Policies and Procedures

Parents, Guardians, and Relatives of participants are NOT allowed to enter the facility at West Side Helping Hand to drop off or pick up a participant. All participants must be dropped off outside of our front doors and undergo a mandatory health screening prior to entering camp each day. All staff, volunteers, and visitors that enter the camp must undergo the mandatory health screening each time they enter the facility. Parents are allowed to drop off students from 8:00 – 9:00 and pick up students from 3:00 – 4:00.

Cleaning/Sanitization Policies and Procedures

All employees and volunteers will wear protective face coverings whenever indoors or in close proximity with students. All participants will be encouraged but not required to wear protective face coverings when indoors or in close proximity with students. Protective face coverings will be made available to all staff, volunteers, and participants daily. Participants will not be allowed to interact with participants from another group in order to limit cross-contamination. Bathrooms and lavatories are inspected, disinfected, and sanitized by staff members on an hourly basis or after being used. Disposable cups, plates, and utensils will be used for each meal. Sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the facility for staff, volunteers, and participants to regularly use.

Students arrive from their respective schools and immediately sit down in the West Side Helping Hand center to do their daily homework with the help of a West Side Helping Hand staff member or volunteer.  Report cards are collected each month.  The grades of each student are traced through a computer data base program.  Last school year, the majority of the West Side Helping Hand students showed improvement in their academics. 

Each day, West Side Helping Hand students receive a character formation talk from a staff member at West Side Helping Hand.  The short talks cover basic character formation topics such as personal discipline, having a positive outlook on life, getting ahead in life, forming a strong will, setting firm goals to live an extraordinary life.

In a world where many children are home alone doing nothing or absorbed in mindless gadgets, the sports program of West Side Helping Hand is a vital part of what we do.  Sports are important for childhood development, forming life-long friendships, and just having good fun.  At West Side Helping Hand we focus on soccer, basketball, four-square, Ga-ga, an awesome playground and other games for kids.

West Side Helping Hand students are excited to participate in our extracurricular activities. We have partnered with Tennis Success, Grow Local South Texas, and Team Nutrition USDA from Texas A&M. These programs encourage students on staying physically active while promoting healthy eating

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